What does it mean to Trust?

by Martine Negro

The word TRUST carries a strong and intense energy to it!  It comes originally  from an old Norse word ” Traust”,  which embodies the sense of Help, Confidence, Belief, Comfort, an Assurance of feeling and a Reliance on something in the future.  In Trust, there is also Hope and Faith, a sense of certainty and a high positivity.

Being in Trust clears worry and anxiety, the two worst drains of energy on the body!  It is a form of “Allowing” without fear.

There are three core aspects of Trust:

That is, trusting primarily your intuitive inner wisdom which is always correct, and that is always there to guide you, providing you take the time to listen!

The more you practice tuning into it, the clearer and faster the messages will be. This is especially important when others try to impose their opinions on you ( even with good intentions),YOU are the only one who really knows what is appropriate for you; what feels right in your heart.

When is the last time you felt that certainty in your heart?

Do you trust you have the resources you need to meet your present experiences?

Trust in the OTHER
That is what I call a “Selective process”, based on your own experience and intuitive sense.  Here, we all need to find the appropriate balance between being overly trusting ( too naive or not able to learn from experience) and completely distrusting everyone (often from having been harmed , or let down).

In dealing with others you also need to check that your expectations are appropriate for what the person is able or want to do. It does not make sense to get frustrated when a friend is late and you know they have no sense of time and are consistently late!

Some people you can trust they will be there for you when you call in any emergency, and there are probably many other friends you know whom you cannot trust to do that.

Of course, you also find that you need to trust your own intuition to assess people.

Which side do you most often experience, over-trusting or dis-trusting?

The last core Trust is the most powerful yet few people really have this Trust

Divine Guidance is always there  for whoever asks! This level of Trust is often based on a deep sense (or belief) that the universe is friendly with occasional hazards.  There is a saying: “If you worry, you have not prayed.  If you have prayed, you cannot worry”.
Divine Trust is connected with the  perception that “every experience is designed for us to grow”.

How often do you feel “It will work out for the best”?

Divine Guidance speaks through your intuitive self. The more you are still within, the more aware you are to subtle inner messages…


Would you like to explore Trust and discover what supports it , what interferes with it and how to work with it for ourselves as mentors and how to optimize it in others?

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