Martine Negro

Martine Negro


* Co-founder of the Energetic healing diploma (Nature Care College, Sydney)
* Trainer in educational application of Generative Learning and NLP
Welcome to my page @heartconnections website!
Who am I? a free spirit , learning, growing and sharing along the way, guiding people to design their own Energetic Make Over, using all the tools I have gathered along my thirty years journey as a health mentor.
Have I always been like this? I was always fascinated by energy and I am the “eternal” student!
My experience has helped me realize that learning and healing go hand and hand. It does not matter which one you engage in first.
What can I offer you?Higher awareness of your energy and simple powerful tools to take heart centered actions, as well as different ways to manage your energy so you can enjoy and grow through every experience.
What to expect from the session? Increased clarity, new perception of your situation, ability to release energy blocks and deeper insights into yourself, which in turn frees up more energy and increase your resilience, as long as we work together as a team.
What are the modalities? Acupressure (EFT, TFT), Energetic Healing, Dowsing, Imagery, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Body Mind Meditation.
Contact: 0414878214 or or Skype: martine.negro
Location: worldwide on Skype
Enmore, Crows Nest (Sydney)
Author of Hacking the Wellbeing Code through Energetic Intelligence

Originally, I was born in France. Always felt I was an explorer. I started by exploring the world; travelling to many countries, before settling in Australia, and discovering the even more amazing inner (and outer) world of Energy through the study of Oriental medicine.

Since then, I have been exploring the magical field of Mind/Body Energetics through the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine (Australia ,China), Shiatsu and Oki Yoga (Japan), Bowen therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Au), Imagery, Energetic Radiance Stress Management (USA), Thought Field Therapy/Emotional Freedom Technique, Focusing technique (Au), training also in the Science of Intuition with C. Myss(USA), Dowsing with multiple teachers, and as a Divine Healing Hands practitioner with Dr Sha. I was also blessed to study esoteric wisdom for 13 years with the late Dr Groves who was able to link nature and science to spiritual laws and truths.

Training and lecturing for the last thirty years has made the distinction between “student” and  “the person who wishes to heal” more faint than ever. The former will heal through learning and understanding, the latter will learn and understand through their energetic transformation. It does not really matter which one you do first!  As long as you engage thoroughly in each process. Through the synergy of ancient wisdom and the latest quantum physics research,  a true “HEALTH” care system is being established, where you can re-empower yourself and enjoy TRUE wellness/wholeness.



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