Confidence Building
by Valerie Dickson

Confidence Building
How uplifting it is when you hear a good performance of some upbeat music you know and like, performed by good musicians!

Music has such a powerful effect on the body   –   which we can deliberately and consciously utilise to help ourselves and others whom we mentor.   No matter how gifted, skilled and experienced we are, most of us face real or imagined fears when we extend ourselves beyond our comfort zones.  Music can be a tool to help us to confidently step forward.

Strong music with regular beats in 2 or 4 time helps to boost courage and self-confidence.  To enhance its powerful effect, move in time with the music and hum or sing along to the tunes you know.

During times of great fear and appalling conditions, the highest rates of survival and endurance amongst forced-labour, route-marching Second World War prisoners were of those who sang cheerful marching songs. Singing positive affirmations and humorous words to the popular Godowsky March of Strauss boosted the morale of many Australian soldiers during the Vietnam War.

If they can do it, so can you! Choose an empowering march tune you know, such as the famous ‘Ode to Joy’ theme in the last movement of Beethoven’s 9th ‘Choral’ Symphony, ‘Glory, Glory, Alleluia’, Monty Python’s  ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life’, or Rae Charles singing ‘Hit the Road, Jack’.

Try this – The moment you feel some fear or a lack of confidence, immediately go into action and determinedly walk in time as you sing [or hum] such a marching song.  Immediately follow it by beginning the task at hand, such as making that awkward telephone call.
This energising activity assists in turning feelings of fear and self-doubt into ‘I can do it’ positivity on the road to success.

Confidence can be yours as a mentor!  You will learn, throughout our retreat in France in September, how to use music to develop and enhance your mentoring skills.

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