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Confidence Building
by Valerie Dickson

Confidence Building
How uplifting it is when you hear a good performance of some upbeat music you know and like, performed by good musicians!

Music has such a powerful effect on the body   –   which we can deliberately and consciously utilise to help ourselves and others whom we mentor.   No matter how gifted, skilled and experienced we are, most of us face real or imagined fears when we extend ourselves beyond our comfort zones.  Music can be a tool to help us to confidently step forward.

Strong music with regular beats in 2 or 4 time helps to boost courage and self-confidence.  To enhance its powerful effect, move in time with the music and hum or sing along to the tunes you know.

During times of great fear and appalling conditions, the highest rates of survival and endurance amongst forced-labour, route-marching Second World War prisoners were of those who sang cheerful marching songs. Singing positive affirmations and humorous words to the popular Godowsky March of Strauss boosted the morale of many Australian soldiers during the Vietnam War.

If they can do it, so can you! Choose an empowering march tune you know, such as the famous ‘Ode to Joy’ theme in the last movement of Beethoven’s 9th ‘Choral’ Symphony, ‘Glory, Glory, Alleluia’, Monty Python’s  ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life’, or Rae Charles singing ‘Hit the Road, Jack’.

Try this – The moment you feel some fear or a lack of confidence, immediately go into action and determinedly walk in time as you sing [or hum] such a marching song.  Immediately follow it by beginning the task at hand, such as making that awkward telephone call.
This energising activity assists in turning feelings of fear and self-doubt into ‘I can do it’ positivity on the road to success.

Confidence can be yours as a mentor!  You will learn, throughout our retreat in France in September, how to use music to develop and enhance your mentoring skills.

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What does it mean to truly respect?

by Irina Gladushchenko
photo by Martine Negro (Provence, May 2016)

The word respect comes from the Latin respicere – to look back at, regard.

I feel that respect is one of the strongest manifestations of unconditional love. It is as if I’ve missed something first time around and the Universe is giving me another chance to revisit, reconnect and to regard myself and the other. To respect is to embrace the uniqueness of each and every one of us, our togetherness or our differences. To respect is to acknowledge each other’s presence even if our paths have crossed only for a moment.

Why is respect so important?
To me respect is a “behind the scenes” encouraging force that motivates us to take actions in accordance with our highest purpose. I remember my first conscious encounter with the power of respect – it was expressed by my mother 22 years ago. We were planning to immigrate to Australia as the situation in Ukraine was quite unpredictable and the ‘honest living’ was becoming a thing of the past there. We had gone through all the stages of the long and costly process (the cost of the application for an independent migrant visa was equal to my annual salary as a computer programmer) and there was just one more step left, the medical examination… We had assessed all our resources and there was nothing more to sell and no budget to cut. We had no more money and no way to get any more. So, I decided to ask my mum for the money we needed to complete the process. The twist was, that because of the need to ask, I had to disclose the truth of our probable departure. Mum listened to me, sighed, extracted $50 from her special (funeral expenses) box and gave it to me saying, “I don’t think it’s going to work, but yes, go ahead, so there will be no regrets later on”… At that moment I felt heard, understood, valued and truly respected by my mother.  I will always cherish this experience as it was a transition for me from “respecting the elder person by default” rule, to experiencing a feeling of respect for who I was.

How do we cultivate respect?
As with every skill – starting with self-respect; remembering my thoughts and actions when I truly respect myself. This is the golden seed to be planted!

When I first started to enquire about my own self-respect it was very shy and it was only willing to give me little glimpses of itself every now and then, eg I felt it when talking to a neighbour for the first time, supporting a friend in crisis and allowing the stray cat to adopt our household…

On the other hand my respect for others was always there. I’ve always noticed little and big gestures of kindness, love, generosity and acceptance. My heart would sing with joy and the feeling of grand respect would be there… It reminded me of a bouncy ball, ready to be played. Many of these people had a very special influence in my life – they were my mentors, holding a safe space for me to develop self-respect and I am forever grateful to each of them!

Mutual respect is one of the key aspects of the mentoring relationship, the first step towards trust, of deeper connection and sharing.

In life there are no authorities; at most, there are experts and each of us offers our unique expertise to be valued and respected.

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What does it mean to Trust?

by Martine Negro

The word TRUST carries a strong and intense energy to it!  It comes originally  from an old Norse word ” Traust”,  which embodies the sense of Help, Confidence, Belief, Comfort, an Assurance of feeling and a Reliance on something in the future.  In Trust, there is also Hope and Faith, a sense of certainty and a high positivity.

Being in Trust clears worry and anxiety, the two worst drains of energy on the body!  It is a form of “Allowing” without fear.

There are three core aspects of Trust:

That is, trusting primarily your intuitive inner wisdom which is always correct, and that is always there to guide you, providing you take the time to listen!

The more you practice tuning into it, the clearer and faster the messages will be. This is especially important when others try to impose their opinions on you ( even with good intentions),YOU are the only one who really knows what is appropriate for you; what feels right in your heart.

When is the last time you felt that certainty in your heart?

Do you trust you have the resources you need to meet your present experiences?

Trust in the OTHER
That is what I call a “Selective process”, based on your own experience and intuitive sense.  Here, we all need to find the appropriate balance between being overly trusting ( too naive or not able to learn from experience) and completely distrusting everyone (often from having been harmed , or let down).

In dealing with others you also need to check that your expectations are appropriate for what the person is able or want to do. It does not make sense to get frustrated when a friend is late and you know they have no sense of time and are consistently late!

Some people you can trust they will be there for you when you call in any emergency, and there are probably many other friends you know whom you cannot trust to do that.

Of course, you also find that you need to trust your own intuition to assess people.

Which side do you most often experience, over-trusting or dis-trusting?

The last core Trust is the most powerful yet few people really have this Trust

Divine Guidance is always there  for whoever asks! This level of Trust is often based on a deep sense (or belief) that the universe is friendly with occasional hazards.  There is a saying: “If you worry, you have not prayed.  If you have prayed, you cannot worry”.
Divine Trust is connected with the  perception that “every experience is designed for us to grow”.

How often do you feel “It will work out for the best”?

Divine Guidance speaks through your intuitive self. The more you are still within, the more aware you are to subtle inner messages…


Would you like to explore Trust and discover what supports it , what interferes with it and how to work with it for ourselves as mentors and how to optimize it in others?

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