Jenny Fitzgerald

Founder of Heart Connections
Welcome to my page @heartconnections website!
Who am I? I am curious about how we communicate with each other and what motivates us in our relationships.
Have I always been like this? In my late teens I was fascinated by psychological theory. It wasn’t until later in life when I developed OCD that my real journey into personal development and understanding behaviour began in earnest.
What can I offer you? I teach people, who are ready to take responsibility for their lives, a process that allows you to understand why you get ticked-off, what’s underneath your reactions.Once you know what underpins your reactions you can get to the beliefs that drive them. And once you find the belief, you can change it to one that supports you.The energy is changed within you and that ripples out to the people in your life and things change.It’s very powerful work and it’s experiential. Most people don’t believe it’s possible until they experience the energy shift for themselves.
What to expect from the session? Each session is tailored to your specific needs. You will be guided to go deep within yourself through meditative processes where you will find your own answers. It’s amazing that everyone has the ability to find real Truth when they are given the right guidance.
What are the modalities? Conscious Awareness Technique, Life Coaching, Conflict Resolution, Reiki, Meditation, Communication Skills.
Contact: 0410 135 495 or
Location: Brisbane Australia or via Skype

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