Irina Gladushchenko

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Holistic Practitioner ~ Reiki Teacher ~ Mentor
Welcome to my page @heartconnections website!
Who am I? I am a human being who is brave enough to follow my heart.
Have I always been like this? I feel I have experienced the perfect flow when I was a child and then it got lost somehow… But once I have started to remember – I remember how I trust.
What can I offer you? Support by being an active listener, encouraging optimism and holding the space for you while you find your way to remembering WHO YOU ARE.
What to expect from the session? Peaceful state and clarity are the most desired outcomes by my clients. And we get there the way that is unique to your needs in the here and now.
What are the modalities? Holistic Counselling, Reiki, Meditation, Creative Expression and Quantum Reconnection are the main ones.

Contact:  0413 231 644 or
Location: Sydney Eastern Suburbs, NSW
Articles by Irina: Respect ~ Reiki

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